Trump suggesting China will 'take down' its trade barriers


Day wbz accuweather forecast with meteorologist dean devore is it april or is we still back in february these temperatures are not warming up anytime soon maybe a shower sponsor to this afternoon more prevalent as you go north and west of the city sunny breaks around the city more clouds and temperatures chilly this afternoon the high getting up to fifty down to thirty six tonight maybe in the evening shower along the coast tomorrow not as chilly breezy partly sunny fifty four and then cold and rainy on thursday back into the forties all day and we stay in the forties with a shower leftover friday we try to creep in the low fifties with some sun at times this weekend i'm accuweather meteorologist divorce wbz newsradio ten thirty right now in new bedford it's cloudy and forty eight degrees in hyannis we've got sunny and fifty in beverly cloudy and forty six and it looks like right now we've got cloudy skies and forty four in bedford in boston it is forty six and cloudy wbz news time eleven twenty five now time for the bloomberg green business report a new study says global warming you screwing up nature's intricately timed dinner hour making hungry critters in those on the menu show up at different times timing is everything in nature bees have to be around and flowers after bloom at the same time for pollination to work predators need to migrate at the same time as prey but a global study says warmer temperatures are interfering with that it looks at the timing of eightyeight independence species finding they are moving out of sync by about six days a decade it notes that some payers are actually moving closer together but in general the relative timing events between species is now on average off by about twenty one days changes in species timing are greater than they were before the nineteen eighty s migrating humming birds that have adapted for a specific flower for example now miss bloom seabirds used to rear their chicks when fish were most abundant not so anymore the study appears in the proceedings of the national academy sciences that's the bloomberg green business report i'm bob moon.

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