Russia, Cohen and Flint Flint discussed on Dick Kay - Back On the Beat


You you said all sixteen intelligence agencies first off their seventeen only four of the seventeen concluded that russia interfered furthermore you you democrats saying that all trump is going down soon you've been saying this for two years and say that well i mean you talked about colon putting on trump he also said the same thing manafort nobody's flipping because there's nothing to flip on i didn't see that he's going down the and you see you you interpreted what i said i didn't say that i said that cohen is talking about turning evidence on trump i don't know what he's gonna say i have no way of knowing what he's going to say flint flint became a cooperating witness since the muller investigation isn't concluded we don't know what he said and we don't know what popadopoulos said either because he's a cooperating witness you see the way you analyze this towards trump you're looking at a completely different what comes to the fbi agents peter stroke and lisa page home you said here you go you've nitpick just like trump hold on i'm comparing your analysis i'm your confirmation bias here all right so earlier you said lisa page in dixie whatever his name is stroke but you said they had no way of influencing the election.

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