Florida man kills four children, himself during standoff


Eight thirty three it's ninety degrees in apache junction happening right now there's been an officer involved shooting near second avenue in osborne that's between thomas and indian school phoenix police say no officers are hurt but a suspect is down keep it here on ktar for more details as we get them an hours long hostage standoff standoff came to a terrible in last night and central florida orlando police chief john mina says officers internet apartment where 35yearoldman have been holding four kids hostage to find all five of them dad were his children belong to families have been notified the kids ranged in age from one to eleven years old the standup began with a man fired on officers who were responding to a domestic dispute one officer was shot but is expected to survive there's a big need for blood donations right now and the red cross is kicking off a campaign that may just get your attention zona red cross's blood is only good for fifty six days rita vicki's a donor recruitment manager for the red cross she says the need is growing too we need let every two seconds and in the last four years we had a decline of eighty thousand first time blood donors she says donating is easy you don't even have to know your blood type redcrossblood dot org one eight hundred red cross download the blood donor app kathy klein ktar news after the.

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