There can be hidden meaning in a medical term

Second Opinion


A name maybe more than it seems Mezin teric added. Nitis sounds awful. It's exactly the type of disease name that might explain why they're going to miss work or not be able to do your chores around the yard or even wash the dishes tonight. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion. In fact, the term Mezin teric adn Itis is a medical term for swollen abdominal glands, but it really means a small tummy ache. I am constantly reminding my medical students to avoid using technical terms and speak English with their patients. But there are times when a we bid of technical language can be validating, for example, this week Nicole saw me because she'd been sick for forty eight hours with nausea and vomiting. She felt horrible touring those two days she called into work sick whale. Her. Office Astra for doctor's note, a sort of archaic vestige of the past so she needed come in seamy, which meant she needed to get dressed driving her car pay for parking pay for co payment, wait in the waiting room. So that she could now spread the disease to others. Then after seeing me she would leave with nothing other than a doctor's note. And the reassurance that she'd get better soon and my advice to stay well hydrated. Will that isn't exactly all I told her I told her she had Mezin Terek at night and she loved it. She wrote the name down. So she could tell her book group who work colleagues and people at the gym she expected, it would help people who might doubt that. She was sick understand that it was a real thing. The words would give her symptoms legitimacy, and maybe even engender sympathy from others, however, the labeling of minor symptoms as a disease. He's like Hella is for bad breath or restless legs syndrome for periodic twitching or female sexual dysfunction for person who doesn't wanna have sex has some serious downsides and even more worrisome sign that should raise all kinds of red flags is when it disease was developed by drug company to help market a particular product like female sexual dysfunction to market Viagra to women or listerine to market to people with bad breath. And then there are new disease names that serve to medical is what is actually normal for example, we have prediabetes pre hypertension Prediman. Shia. In fact, I hate to tell you this. But we've all got a case of pre death. A name can have a powerful effect on how we see ourselves and manager bodies. Sometimes that means taking our health more seriously. But too often the intent. Ended goal of names is to market and sell pharmaceutical drugs, Nicole left, my office feeling validated. And understood and there were absolutely no prescriptions for any drugs, given just a name of a disease written on a small piece of white paper. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion.

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