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In response to a spate of child abuse cases, some resulting in death. The Japanese government this week approved a plan to legally ban. Parents and other guardians from physically punishing children. The government aims to pass a Bill revising the child abuse prevention law during the ongoing diet session and put most of the amended laws into force by April of next year. The Japanese diet is the governing upper house for those of you wondering what that is. It should be noted. There will be no penalties put forth for fenders. But under the vision changes parents foster, parents and welfare workers would be prohibited. From physically punishing children as a means of discipline. The planned amendment would also seek to strengthen the ability of child welfare centers to intervene in abuse cases, by separating staff members in charge of taking children. Into protective custody from those dealing with their guardians efforts to tackle child abuse. Through legal changes gathered momentum following the death in Tokyo's Megara award last March of five year old UA who left desperate pleas for her parents to forgive her and to stop mistreating her. And you might remember that from our reporting on the Japan this week podcast heart breaking news to read as well. There was another high profile abuse case confirmed in Noda Chiba prefecture just this past January in both of these cases. The parents who were later arrested did not think that their behavior was actually abuse the child welfare centers temporarily put the children into protective custody but failed to protect their lives in the face of the parents rejection of their efforts to intervene. The law revisions would introduce confidentiality obligations to schools education boards and child welfare centers after a copy of note Mia wrote to alert her school about her. Abuse was actually passed onto her father by a local education board the revelation that she had made such a plea is thought to have aggravated. The father's violence. The revisions also call for these stablishment of more child consultation centers Japan today. Readers are divided on this subject in particular old man thirteen calls, the government's plan ridiculous. Another knee jerk reaction to something that has nothing to do with proper discipline of children, spare the rod spoil the child reader concerned citizen comments physical discipline should be avoided as much as possible and used as a last resort after reasonable explanation and warnings. However, there are times when some children will not respond to these and mild and controlled physical punishments such as a smack or swat on the covered. Bottom are needed. I don't necessarily think I agree with that one. But it's move on here. Strange land ads I got spanked, and I don't think it harm me per se, but it's ineffective parenting. Nowhere. Else in life. Do we say that violence is an acceptable method of dealing with an inability to communicate? We also tell our kids not to hit others going on to then hit your kids since conflicting signals. It says violence to those smaller than you is an appropriate way of dealing with problems. That's counterproductive while I agree with that one. I don't think you can hit somebody and then say don't hit

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