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And curry Spartan. And for NPR. Let's talk about climate change, and how appealing that holy issue is to the broad swath democratic voters among democratic voters. Climate changes is not really a controversy. This is something where the party has resolved itself. I think even ward than on the question of say Medicare for all as the that's the shorthand for. For the healthcare system. Single payer or for that matter free tuition in colleges. I think there's a lot more division about some of those questions than there is about climate change. They're just is not a presence in the Democratic Party anymore to contest this issue. Partly this reflects the loss of democratic officeholders in the oil patch states, and when you look at an Oklahoma or some of the other states, Wyoming where energy is paramount as part of their economy up in those states. It's hard for people to quite accept what their minds may be telling them the evidence shows about climate change because it is so severe in terms of its potential affects for their basic industry. Those are not democratic states anymore. So you've got President Trump and Republicans who do not accept the reality of climate change ready to pounce ready to call Democrats to support measures to go after climate change. Even the idea of reducing emissions from on mobile. I mean, the president says is ridiculous. There is a commission. That's been appointed by the president to re examine the question of climate change. As though it were in question won't attempt to make an analogy to some of the other things, you might ask about, you know, the flatness of the earth or something of that nature. But there is a commission that the president has put together, and he is included on that particular individuals. Well, known for his skepticism, let's put it that way out if not outright denial of the evidence on climate change without impugning, the motives of the people who take that point of view. It is clearly an opportunity for the Republican party to go after a certain kind of voter who may have some reliance on either the energy industry, which is an enormous industry or the cultural industry because the green new deal as it sometimes called an is has been. Promoted by some of the New Democrats, not necessarily presidential candidates, but people such as Alexandria, Cossio Cortez who certainly getting an awful lot of attention for a freshman member of the house that would involve some major move away from internal combustion engines away from some forms of agriculture, and ultimately even away from eating meat and so forth moving towards not just a green new deal in terms of energy, but a much healthier lifestyle for the country as whole some people are ready for that. Obviously, many people are not ready for that. And so Republicans and others are already parodying this as though that were the inevitable result of taking climate change. Seriously. There's obviously a lot of middle ground between that sort of plan extreme plan and other people's definition of green new deal. A club is mentioned earlier is one of those people who is standing up strongly about climate change. And what needs to be done? I think that the president as well. As many of the other democratic candidates. The president is going to go after big time on the climate change issue. Yes. And there is going to be I think a clear distinction made in twenty twenty racing to some degree that we saw this in sixteen. But I think it will be much more stark as you suggest in twenty twenty between the president valuing and speaking to people who value things from the past whether that be their their ideas of who is an American or how people should come into the country or whether it's traditional arrangements between families within families between men and women whether it's traditional ways in which businesses are run all of those ideas that have been prevalent say twentieth century, and before whereas the Democratic Party is going to find it self increasingly identified with things that have changed. Climate change, the the the unmanaged ability of the education and medical costs that young people are facing. So

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