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Break NBA games are back in they came back last night. Just a few hours ago. Of course, the west coast games ending about three hours or so ago, and there was drop. I'm. I mean, there was drama in the king of the. You know, I'm gonna play. I just it's the funniest sound. I think I've heard all week. Let's hear it again member this Wednesday Nella abroad and the Lakers play last night. And we'll get into that game. And all of that. And what happened but safe to say he was activated. This was Wednesday. He's been quite a while for me that I've been under five hundred also break, I don't remember last time. So, you know, my my level of intensity has to be. Fortunately for me because I don't like to do it at such an early time bit different. But it's been activated. So look for the San we can. Oh, thank goodness. It has. I was I tell you this up until Wednesday during okay with you first last I had long been

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