No. 1 Tennessee puts away Florida, 73-61


College tie-break Tennessee ran its team record winning streak to eighteen games getting sixteen from grant Williams in the seventy three sixty one win over Florida. Jordan Boden had thirteen is the volunteers moved to twenty two and one are they legit? Yes. F- Greenberg thinks so. A great job evaluating evaluating guys who can play for him and win for him. They've got grown men. And what I mean by that Zimmer a physicality a tough this to this Tennessee team their fifth in the country and points per possession in the half court. They can also beat you in transition. They've got a tough this about them where they can post up. Great williams. They could post up Admiral Scofield at the end of games, they shoot seventy seventy percent from the three point the from the free throw line. This is a Tennessee team that checks, you rebounds, and execute just think about this in the last three fours the makeup of the phone force twenty two seniors those teams Twenty-one juniors ten sophomores and only seven freshman. There's not a freshman on this Tennessee team that has scored this season upper-class Latin team that has a maturity at a

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