Who Are The Top GRAMMY Winners Of All Time?


Who is one the most Grammys of all time. Would you think it might be beyond say, would you think it might be the Beatles? Elvis Presley, you know, some of the biggest names some of the most commercially successful names in music. No, not at all. You know, the Beatles. Only won six Grammy awards Elvis has even fewer than that. The the person who has had the most Grammy awards passed away. Now is sir. George Solti of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra thirty one Grammy awards the most wins in the classical field, but more total Grammy awards than any other performer, Sir, George Solti with the as I like to call them, the cats and the CFO. After that twenty seven Grammy awards for Quincy Jones. For all of the music that he's arranged produced in more than ten different genres of music through the years that was not too much of a surprise. But Alison Krauss has twenty seven Grammy awards. Also whole also holding the distinction of the female artist with the most Grammy awards of all time. Vladimir horowitz. The the late pianist composer twenty five oh Pierre Boulaid Pierre Boulay twenty six Grammy awards lots of classical ones. Stevie Wonder has twenty five John Williams, not the host here on WGN. But the. Composer of classic soundtracks. Great movie soundtracks, some of the greatest movies of all time twenty four Grammys for him. And then beyond say comes in with twenty two. Jazzman chick Korea with twenty two you U2. has twenty two Vince Gill with twenty one Jay z has Twenty-one Kanye west has twenty one. I would not have guessed Kanye west of that many Grammy awards because it makes sense in a rap categories. Henry Mancini has twenty. Those are your top Grammy award winners for tonight. The person who is most nominated for tonight is Kendrick Lamar got eight nominations, and we'll see how all

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