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Not bad it out about by Garvan Clark. Hands on defense by the Panthers. Five point game thirteen eight. Vikings with the advantage on the road. Burke's did Ukwa Panthers fun one here tonight leading score for the Panthers. Three points for Garvan Clark. Three points from the trace Jackson early going. Jordan Calhoun running point for the Vikings inside a minute to go passing over to change meet. Third by Garvin Clark for the right wing trying to break them down drive the page dribbles. It off the foot and it went out of bounds. The going the Panthers direction. Wozniak trying to coach his team from the sideline. Talking stretchy prior to come help out Darvin Clark. Core fresh by her meat for the Vikings Clark over the prior is gonna bring it fos court twenty five seconds to go in the first quarter played thirteen eight the Vikings with the five point lead versus the home team. Euclid panthers. Reggie probably taking time. Coach TJ Wozniak wanted him to settle for the last second shot looks like a zone defense for the Vikings. Eight seconds to go prior driving the pain up from about five feet out too. Strong rebounded by Mario lacy. But in a batted away by the white went the other direction in the first quarter talking fired start to this one here. Kind of expected teams coming in with twelve victories on the season. The Vikings at twelve and fourteen Panthers twelve and five in the Panthers on a game winning streak. And this is going to be quite a measuring. Stick for the Panthers tonight down by five points. We're going to be back in about thirty seconds. They can break Panthers down thirteen.

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