In Cuba, climate change means harsher hurricanes and tough coffee growing

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Support for climate cast comes from Bank of America as one of the largest global financial institutions Bank of America is in a unique position to help society. Transition to a low-carbon economy Bank of America NA member FDIC. Climate change, Cuba and your morning coffee. I'm MPR chief meteorologist, Paul Hutton here. This is climate gas. Climate change impacts are showing up worldwide. Our neighbors in Cuba, sit just ninety miles south of Key West Florida last week, I visited this beautiful island for the first time and I shared coffee with famed Cuban meteorologist Jose, ruby era. I learned about Cuba climate change and surprisingly Cuban coffee. That is we yes, please have some coffee Jose. I'll never be a PHD. I'm the former director of the national forecast center east for majority. That's the natural west have is the set time for many years. Also, I've been presenting weather in Cuban radio and television host say Grazia mature goose still. It was a pleasure to talk with you today here in Havana at the hotel Nacional when we talk about climate change in Cuba. What are the biggest impacts that Cuba is seen from climate change so far? Well, the because he banked is the raising up to she lever. Now, does he live house reason ferry vice Timmel's in the last thirty years thing pictures have risen also sealed point nine Chechen degree about one degree treasures on the Lincoln shown are the coastlines that long Cuban coastline is extremely vulnerable. To storm surge. Hurricane irma's. Search pushed several feet of water into the streets of Havana. Dr ruby era is one of the world's premier experts on hurricanes. Any told me his big concern is the growing link between warmer, oceans and more rapidly. Intensifying hurricanes part of his job on Cuban TV raising Cuba's climate change. I q what's the awareness level of climate change in Cuba with the people? Well, this White House not only in Asia climate change, everything that has to be with winning. Diamond because we in Daly broadcast for television radio. We also teach believed by little people. I wish awareness and knowledge. Even as we traveled outside of Havana climate remained, the topic of conversation. I'm just north of Trinidad in Cuba at topa, date tapes. It's a mountainous area where they grow coffee and our tour guide nasc- is telling us about how climate change is affecting coffee production in Cuba. Well, what is happening is that it's raining when it's not supposed to be the rainy season or the stood ri- when it's not supposed to be the dry season. And just to give you an example, the coffee plants they used to bloom like three times in a year. And then at the end they had a really good crop. Yeah. But now, they are blooming only one or twice the farmers are lucky, you know, because if it rains when the plants are having their flowers, the flowers hall, and then at the end, there are no beans, and that is happening, you know, with the coffee plantations so many years ago, the farmers they could use the same plant life for twenty twenty five years now that is not happening anymore. So now the maximum time, they they leave their plans at the patience is like ten years talking with Cubans like, our guide nasc-, I sense a high level of. Climate change awareness in Cuba. There's also something I learned back at lunch in Havana. I heard how Cuban's see Dr ruby era as their weather God hosts say was traveling in two thousand seventeen as hurricane Irma approached listen to restaurant owner, ROY describe how Cuban's missed Jose's weather reports on TV. I think it was a guy TV the first today's guy we had to be alert. Okay. Off on the one eighty we have through research. We have to know what's going on by the way. That's climate cast. I'm NPR chief meteorologist Paul Hefner.

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