How to Keep Your Prospect's Attention

Daily Sales Tips


Today. Dale do as back known to many as the copier warrior DALE'S been and be to be sales for over ten years as a top producer and served as a sales manager and VP of sales as well. He shook up his local market with his Dacia sales methods and built a fund an entertaining personal brand around a boring product in the process, he is now the leader of the sales rebellion and a full-time training and development coach for all sales walks. This is tip to my five tips series here on the show. We're talking about my reason theory, which is radically educating chair ones narrative today, we're gonna be talking about the a inside of reason which stands for attention. The first thing that we have to think about when we get to the attention phase is that we do not want to be just another name inside of the crowded sales bullpen that's calling on the prospect. Instead, we need to give them a compelling. Reason or else we will be just that so attention. This is the full thirty seconds of your thirty second commercial. And this is how you will change the game. Think of it being unexpected yet simple express to the prospect exactly how you know they feel about sales calls. So maybe it sounds a little something like this, Mr. prospect. You're probably expecting me to say some things about how great my company is. And how fast are service response to your problems in all the other garbage that most sales people dump in your ear every time they get you on the phone. But that's not what today's calls about think about the reaction. The your prospect would have if you can help them to understand that you know, exactly how they feel inside of the attention phase. We also have the opportunity to make light of the Arif as we already spoke about in the last tip, which is to radically educate. So if you have performed some type of I touch whether through video premature. Cereal or some type of marketing piece to interrupt their patterns in 'cause curiosity you have a subject as to why you're calling I hope that you receive my crumpled butter, Mr. prospect. What did you think of it? The goal here is to overcome the stereotypes that your prospect has on the typical salesperson so transcend, the normal interactions that your peers and colleagues are having with their prospects in customers be something so magnificent in so explicitly different that they have no other choice, but to meet with

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