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Opposite. Ryan Kerrigan Preston. Smith has moved onto the Green Bay Packers. Yeah. He was hit or miss really. I think Brian burns was a bend the edge fast athletic guy could be in play. If they don't go for the quarterback. And I think they will on their a splash team. With annual Snyder Haskins whether it's Haskins lock Daniel Jones. I think they're going to make a move get a quarterback. It'd be surprising to me if they didn't. But if they don't then the edge guy that's in play with Brian burns right there. But that particular point in the draft would be a guy wide receiver if decayed Metcalf was there. Would be somebody to think about either going a little bit earlier to Green Bay. So like wide receiver edge if it's not going to be a quarterback. What say you mcshea? The other thing wide receiver, Ed or two and then guard safety tight and three others. They need. I mean, this offense was twenty ninth scoring offense a year ago. So they they obviously they've got to protect better they need more weapons. And they've got to get stability moving forward at the quarterback position. You know, they thought that they could

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