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Does it mean if someone like that who's lead Facebook through and through and to wear it as now is like amount now. Yeah. I mean, I think I think both both Chris Cox, and Mark Zuckerberg made it clear, they both put up posts about this announcing the departure and made it clear that Chris Cox, and Chris Daniels head of what's up, you know, weren't on board with this vision that Mark was presenting for, but they were not they were not on board. With this vision than us presenting for, you know, private future focused on NASA ching, you whether you what specifically about that. Chris have disagreed with. I don't know if we know that yet. But. There's certainly not full by what this vision might be. It seems like everytime senior executives from Facebook. It's not a happy like a lot of people. Like what's up? What's up's co-founders? I think both of them at this point. Right. Have come out and said pretty negative things about the company. Akin

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