After the Thai cave rescue


Now last July. We were all captivated by the successful rescue of those young Thai soccer players trapped in a flooded cave since then the boys and their families have been adjusting to fame movie offers interviews international appearances there have been some amazing opportunities. But also as you might expect some unforeseen stresses the cave system itself was also shaken up by the frantic use of bulldozers and industrial water pumps. The effort is now on to restore it to its former state ABC southeast Asia correspondent Liam Cochran wrote a book about the cave rescue. And he's still following the story from Bangkok when the twelve members of the wild boars football team, and they coach ended Tom long cave on the twenty third of June. They expected to emerge for birthday party. And for the youngest one a tutoring session, just another Saturday in this small town of Macy's why? But eighteen days later when the last of them was rescued they were global Salah. Liberties hounded by the media fretted over by friends, family and strangers alike. They lives have been turned upside down by the experience some of it positive some of it not so much. The boys are much sought after for appearances around the world. They were flown to Argentina to take part in a friendly football match at the youth Olympics that went to the US to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show and visited soccer's hallowed turf Old Trafford to see Manchester. United played they've conducted themselves in a way that's made the nation. Proud retelling this story smiling and posing for photos again, and again, and again, they may never have had this international exposure if it hadn't been for them as adventure. And they've lapped up the experiences making new friends seeing new places and gaining huge followings on social media in particular, Instagram, the pack the boys made to support each other inside the cave has carried over to. The outside world, but things will be changing soon. Some of them will graduate from junior high school and hit off to different campuses in the coming months away from my side life goes on friends drift apart as for any teenagers around the world for the families. It's been a complicated ride being a parent of a wild boar has become pretty much before time job for some of them with travel meetings and difficult decisions to consider about movie deals and appearances the Thai government has offered assistance. But also applied pressure setting up a committee to handle media requests that is still yet to seal any deals for a major Hollywood movie all the big studios want to tell the cave rescue story. And it looks like a deal may be getting close with Universal Studios said to be a front run out a tie production has already finished shooting and his set to release its movie mid year with one of the divers and some of the tire risk. Work is playing themselves amid huge sits built in swimming pools and scenes shot inside real caves in northern Thailand, including Tom long itself, the cave and the environment around. It was hit hard by the rescue efforts. Water was pumped out from the adjacent Cy Tom cave and into quickly built reservoirs rice farms were flooded creeks on the mountain tops above the cave were dammed and diverted by shovels and backhoes after the triumphant rescue the Thai government sealed off the cave and the site on park to getting to work rehabilitating the area directly in front of Tom Luang. A statue has been arrested of Samoan good non the tie. Former navy seal who died while diving in the cave during a resupply mission. The bronze statue is impressive more than three meters tall with soman in his diving gear, a superhero six pack at his feet Adrover. Pigs representing the members of the wall boys football team. There's a museum. The works to in front of the cave to memorialize the rescue for generations to come this time last year. Tom Lang was pretty much unknown except perhaps to dedicated cave explorers, local teenagers or tourists who happened to be in the area. But now it's a magnet for visitors over the new year holiday time Luang was the number one tourist destination in all of Thailand with tens of thousands of people making the pilgrimage, even though the cave entrance is still off limits behind high fences and security cameras one reason for the fences apart from of course, wanting to avoid more lost souls in the cave is that loads of diving equipment was left behind when a water pump. Burst minutes after the final rescue and Tom long flooded fast. With the rescue is just getting out in time Thai soldiers and expert divers are working to salvage some of the equipment. And it's still not clear when the cave will reopen to the public when it does all be queuing up to get in for a look. Despite writing seventy five thousand words about the risk you at Tom long. I've never been inside. Liam cock. Learn there in Bangkok.

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