Nick Foles will become a free agent, after Eagles decide not to use franchise tag on him


Who tweeted that that would be from the official Twitter account of the Philadelphia Eagles, the two minute and fifteen second video was meant for the one and only Nick foles the major lead them to their only Super Bowl championship in franchise history, which happened two seasons ago today the eagles made the decision they would not place the franchise tag on quarterback. Nick foles. He will become a free agent their general manager how we Roseman speaking at the NFL combine also to NFL LA. No, I think that's a lot of discussion with Nick and his Representative and for us. We always want to do what's not only best for our football team. But also makes a lot of sense for the players and after talking about this with Nick heated serves an opportunity to lead his own team. We've been incredibly fortunate in Philadelphia dive two top fifteen NFL quarterbacks. And we knew at some point Dow probably wasn't sustainable that. They both deserve the right to have their own team. And so this is just part of that process and for us to get out in front of it and allow him and his Representative to kind of continue to move on. You talk about that process. And there was an interesting process because there's a lot that led up to the point today where you said that you're not going to tag Nick foles earlier in the off season after the Super Bowl you guys picked up the option. So clearly there had to be some thought given to putting the franchise tag on him. He then bought back his freedom for two million dollars. Why pick up the option if you're going to release him today or first of all you talked about it? We had to do that. In a limited amount of time. There were time constraint. That went on with that decision. And again, it goes back to this is the most important position in all sports. You know, it's a franchise quarterback. And. That's hard. When you think about it in a vacuum. How

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