NFL Star Is Already Recruiting Antonio Browno

Jalen and Jacoby


Peter king's connected all over the NFL. He mentioned some that you hinted to the perhaps, this is not helping Tony Brown all this socially awkwardness. Here's what he wrote quote. I think the more Antonio Brown tweets, the more he scares off potential suitors. That's not just something. I think in the case of one team, it's something, I know, do you think that this socially awkwardness will have a negative impact on his value? No, I disagree. That's why really that's what he said. I know one team. He didn't say I know thirty one she's at one team. I spoke to yes. But I think other teams let's say someone's like Antonio Brown is now going to be in the third co host on Jalen and Jacoby. And I looked at his social his social media presence. I don't know about all this. Here's what it won't scare teams off because it won't scare players off. And when you speak in freely about your situation, and you're opening honest, guess what the other thirteen hundred people in the league saying, yes, yes. Get your brand AB don't fall for the his AB. If you don't wanna be there come with us. That's why you see so many different players now reach out to him, basically recruiting this. What about this, though, if your team with a commodity bad and the players are haters, then I'm not interested. What team is going to be like oh sorry. We're not gonna reach out to our locker rooms completely fractured and. Our players are hater.

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