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So I'm really curious to see what happens with Bryce Harper. But there are plenty of other free agents out there as well. It's just a question of what does the market look like for Bryce Harper. Is there somebody out there? That's going to go above and beyond. What the Padres were willing. To give Manny Machado. Will it be the Phillies can the giants potentially jump in? And be one of those teams. The White Sox didn't have enough money to sign many Machado. I can't imagine that they jump in and go above three hundred million to sign Bryce Harper. Just a lot of things to kind of keep an eye on in terms of its just. Nothing's really been solved. There still plenty of free agents out there that haven't been able to get the money that they thought, and I can't imagine that the slowdown is going to change. I mean, Mookie bats saying Machado's deal. Still a lot more guys out there. So it's kinda hard to say one of the best closers in the game. As I mentioned before Craig kimbrel, a young guy who's one of the best in games in Harper. So it's good that one guy was signed. But I don't think that's a domino wanna sign of things to come in suddenly baseball and their free agent in all of their economics and suddenly everything solved. There are still plenty of questions when it comes to that. And that's going to be addressed in their next collective bargaining agreement. And I think it could potentially get ugly there because teams more and more teams are looking at trying to keep that young talent that they have at a cheap rate, and they have control of that talent for so long that

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