Diver survives after being scooped up in whale's mouth off South Africa


The terrifying moment for a diverse studying marine life, Italy funding himself inside the jaws of a giant whale whose ABC's Lana Zak take a look at this photograph, those legs dangling out of a whale's mouth belong to Reiner. Ship Reiner was taking photos of sharks feeding during the annual sardine migration in South Africa. But as he was concentrating on the sharks he didn't realize that there was a far larger animal coming to the surface out of nowhere. The one came up from the side. I realized a split second later that I was inside the way it was pitch black. I couldn't see anything at fifty feet long weighing fifty five thousand pounds. This Bridewell could have crushed his ribs or brought him deep under the water. Thought to myself. Well, he comes because he's Froude is too small to human. But obviously, he couldn't take me down into the water fish Reiner failed his lungs with air preparing for the worst. When suddenly it just twisted gone at the fish push out, the the water and with the water he pushed on me, and I was outta game. Last year. Another whale made news capsizing twenty foot fishing boat in the Atlantic and last summer this humpback whale breached right next to a boat, but none of these encounters have been closer than his the whale got away with the fried as much as I definitely I don't want to be inside away game. Tom Rayner is fine. And after being released from the whale's mouth. He had two questions with everyone else. Okay. And did they get the photo

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