Chris Sale extension a priority for Red Sox

First and Last


Signing a very good one. By the Boston Red Sox. Now, you've got Harper and Machado. But if you listen to him kurkin ESPN major league baseball insider on baseball tonight. He feels there may be something brewing with Bryce Harper. We can only. Hope because it's been smoking mirrors now for about three and a half months and with the Phillies this morning. I certainly send that there's an anticipation here is nuked around a little bit. And I'm not sure how much good that does me anymore. But I sense that nothing's going to happen today. But I also sense that would be a wise idea to have somebody around because it could happen. The rest of this week. If somebody around in other words or tire baseball. Crude ESPN is not off for the next couple of days. We've got on call situations happening. And that's the thought is that the Phillies may be the team for Harper. Obviously the nationals of put a really nice offer together. But Philly seems to be the most aggressive team sandiego out there. San Francisco surprisingly out there news, by the way, you may have missed Bruce bocce their manager says this will be his last season that he will retire from the from the giants. But what if Harper signed with Philly BUSTER only says there will be pressure? If

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