Where will Antonio Brown land?


And Tonio Brown. I'm seeing a lot of different names. I theorized yesterday. Carolina could be interesting. They've got their lebian bell and Christian McCaffrey. They've got a defensive coach what they don't have with Cam who's not a great precision thrower. But he does throw a great deep ball is get them a big time home run threat. Do you think there's a place and it could happen? Very quickly. We're in Tonio Brown lands. I wanna make your podcast, which which is on overnight or whatever. And I'm worried that we're going to say something now, and he's going to be traded in the next two minutes. I'm going to try to give us a vague enough answer. So we can live online, Colin. I would say this don't just believe all the teams that are not how this works. There's going to be a surprise team. I love the Carolina fit. I actually think that's a really good one out of the conference another team. I would give you the New Orleans Saints. And you might be saying, oh, come on the saints have no money to spend. They've got all these guys. They've gotta take care. Mike thomas. There are ways to make it work. And if you think about what would Sean Payton has been about the last few years, it's making a splash going and getting the guy trading a first round pick for next year to get Marcus Davenport signing Dez Bryant, he denied it at the combine because his name was linked to it a little bit Sean say that we're not I wouldn't be shocked at the. The saints are making some phone calls right now. The question is can they get into Neo Brown for a second or third round pick? They don't have a first round pick.

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