Ellen and Portia Encountered Shark While Paddle Boarding

Ellen on the Go


There are these little tiny baby leopard sharks that are really close to the shore, and you can tell the leopard sharks because they have little skin covered leopard-print and. It's what happens when you cross a shark with a New Jersey housewife what happened. So leopard sharks are dangerous to humans. They eat little fish and things, but but here's a tidbit that I found out when I told someone that we are seeing leopard sharks leopard sharks. Great whites. Yeah. That's why they're there for the great whites. And. They said on the news the other day that this year there are more sharks in the southern California than ever before. Yeah. And there's a scientific reason for that. You see there used to be less? And now, there's more. Last year someone spotted two eight foot great whites out in front of our house. And now they're back and grown, and there are ten foot sharks out near our house. And it's a little scary because Porsche paddle boards every single day out in the ocean. And I keep meaning to tell her about the great white. But apparently great whites won't attack until they're adults as long as they're under twelve feet. That's when they become adults. They're juveniles when their ten feet, but who's out there measuring with the tape measure? Hold on. I don't know. I need to know if you're gonna eat me. You keep biting me. I can't measure you properly. I haven't seen the sharks. But I did. It's amazing living right there on the beach because you see so much wildlife. The other day, I was walking on the beach, and I saw a seal and the so Ashton meal a live on the same beach, and I was walking toward their house. And then there was a little baby seal up on the beach, and it looked hungry. And I was worried about it. And I asked what was wrong, and it it's lips were sealed. So. Anyway, we call the marine wildlife rescue, and some neighbors, we all took turns because are dogs out there, and we were botching it and keeping all the dogs away. And it was trying to throw sand on its back with his little hands. They held little hands and head this door little face little nose and kept looking at me like knew who I was just kept staring at me, and it was talking about working on that seventy show and doing movies with Kristen bell. Now that I think about it that could've been meal Kuna said. It may have been she was tiny like that like meal is anyway, I checked in the morning, and the seal was gone and the cutest thing you want to see a photo. Oh, take one. I wanted to. I knew you'd want to I thought I'd ask anyway. But yeah, should've taken one that would have been a better story to have a photo.

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