A highlight from The Biggest Bitcoin Selling Event Of 2023! (BEWARE)

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But a few urgent pressing situations that we have to deal with quite urgently. I think the first situation that we have to deal with is, hold on a second, James, it won't let me share screen so you could share the screen. So the first situation that we have to deal with is we have to deal with the looming US government shutdown because now the odds of a government shutdown are 90 % and if we do get a government shutdown, Goldman Sachs actually says that this shutdown could last as long as two to three weeks. I think we actually for now need to start preparing for this US government shutdown. The next thing that we have to start preparing for is a massive seller in the market. So this is not a joke. We do have a seller in the market. This seller owns 10 % of all the Bitcoin in circulation and 1 .8 million Bitcoin and they are going to start selling. In fact, what you can see from this chart over here is that they have already started selling a whole lot of their Bitcoin. So we're going to be talking about the seller when they're going to hit the market and why that's going to impact the Bitcoin price and how much that's going to impact the Bitcoin price. Then what we need to talk about is we need to talk about this little price move that we had yesterday in Bitcoin and what it actually means because we seem to be in a position where every time that we get a pump, we get the pump, but then the pump dies and that's exactly what happened yesterday. So we could understand what actually happened yesterday. What took us to 26 ,800 and brought us back down and is this thing going to continue to bring us down every single time we have a pump. Then I want to go through a knock -by -knock account of how Gary Gensler was taken down in Congress yesterday. Regarding your interactions with FTX and Sandbank and Freed, that's the investigation we started last Congress. Finally, your lack of responsiveness to this committee's legitimate oversight continues to be unacceptable. And I want to finish here. In February, the committee made multiple requests for documents to the Securities Exchange Commission. This is normal congressional oversight. Yet seven months later, the committee has not received a single non -public document that was not part of a FOIA production. As I said, our patience is wearing thin. The SEC is not above the law, nor is it unique. Other financial regulators have routinely complied with congressional oversight. So let me be clear. I do not want to be the first chairman of this committee to issue a subpoena to the Securities Exchange Commission. And you should not want to be the first SEC chair to receive a congressional subpoena. Either we find a path forward where the SEC recognizes Congress as a co -equal branch of government and is responsive to our oversight duties, or my option is to issue a subpoena. All right, so we're going to go for a blow -by -blow account of exactly what happened yesterday. Gary Gensler was absolutely, absolutely, absolutely destroyed in Congress. And then, and then, and then, I've got a massive, massive story for you, but I'm going to keep that story until the very end of the show. So let's go, guys. Big show. All right, we are back and we've got a massive, massive, massive show for you guys today. And I think the best part of the show today is going to be the show, the part where we discuss how Gary Gensler was annihilated yesterday in Congress, because this guy yesterday was absolutely, absolutely, absolutely annihilated. It's actually not, that's actually not Gary Gensler, believe it or not. So this is actually a true story. Gary Gensler has an identical twin brother. His name is Robert Gensler. I thought that this was an absolute joke, but I actually looked it up and it's true. Gary Gensler does have an identical twin brother. His name is Robert Gensler. No, no jokes. Anyway, Gary was the one that was destroyed yesterday in Congress. It wasn't, it wasn't, it wasn't Robert. It was actually Gary. But crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy that we actually see these things. All right, listen, welcome back, guys. Huge show today. I want to just thank you all. I see we're very, very, very, very, very close to 650 ,000 subscribers. We are 9, 10 subscribers away from 650 ,000 subscribers. When we get to 650 ,000 subscribers, our next move is to catch up to George from Crypto's Ice, because he's like our next target. We've got him in our sights. He was 100 ,000 subscribers ahead of us before the beginning, in the beginning of the year. What is your now? 17 ,000? 17 ,000 in the banter fam, the banter fam are definitely going. We're going to go after him now. He's our next target. We're going to try and catch up to him. All right, let's go. We've got a big show today. If you haven't subscribed, subscribe to channel, like this content. If we get to what is the number of likes we had yesterday? 1 ,500. If you get to 1 ,600 likes, I'm going to show you the biggest Bitcoin seller in the market. I'm going to show you why this seller is actually going to be selling. I'm going to, we're going to decide together whether or not we should be panicking about this seller selling. And it's a serious seller. The seller has 18, 1 .8 million Bitcoin, which is 10 % of the circulating supply on Bitcoin and they are going to be selling. So yeah, if we get to 1 ,500 likes and we beat yesterday, then we're going to get into that story. In the interim though, let's look at the bubbles. Let's see what's happening on the bubbles. So I see Rune is up. Let's just see how Rune is doing. Rune up at 187. I'm actually, I actually have got quite a big Rune position. I see Rollbit at 12 cents. You would be 20 % up if you actually took our trade. You got Ape moving. Remember that you got the whole banter newsroom here on the side. So everything that we, all the places where we get our news from are actually available to you right here. And if you want to follow any of our researchers, there's 44 of them. You can just click and you can just follow them directly from the newsroom. We're also improving banter bubbles. I reckon in about a month, it's going to be the fastest bubble app in the whole market. I'm also watching the Dixie and I think the reason why we should be watching the Dixie today is because we had the GDP numbers. The numbers GDP came in at 2 .1%. They expected was 2 .1%. So nothing, no surprises when it comes to GDP. And I think that when we talk about, when we talk about GDP, we need to talk about it in context of the looming government shutdown because we've got this, this looming government shutdown. It's a real thing now, you know, we were first saying that the shutdown wouldn't happen. But now Goldman Sachs is saying, look, if the White House don't resolve their differences by the end of tomorrow, that would make it the end of Friday. And by Sunday, they would have a government shutdown. Now, that would be, I think, the fourth government shutdown in the last decade. And it would be, it would have a whole lot of effects. I think what we need to do today is actually just look at the effects of a government shutdown. And, you know, do we need to prepare for it? Like, do we need to start stocking up on toilet paper, like we did in COVID? Do we need to start stocking up on food, on rice and oil? We need to, we need to make sure that we understand exactly what's happening. But before we get there, I want to talk about yesterday's little Bitcoin pump. So we had the pump yesterday and then we had a little bit of a dump and it keeps happening every single time. We keep losing momentum. Now, I think the pump is probably expected and I do think we're going to start getting a whole lot more pumps. And I'll tell you why I think we're going to start getting a whole lot more pumps because there is more money coming into the Chinese economy. So remember that China's in big trouble now and the way they're going to get themselves out of trouble is they're going to start stimulating the economy and getting more money into the economy. Well, you can see that liquidity in China is starting to go up because of all these things that China is doing. So I am expecting the price of Bitcoin to start moving upwards because of this liquidity.

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