A highlight from 1409: BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Will Drive $1,500,000 BTC Price


In today's show, Bitcoin fails to recoup post -fed losses as $20 ,000 Bitcoin price returns on the radar. In breaking news, the senator who said Bitcoin can open the doors of corruption in El Salvador was indicted for corruption by the federal prosecutors who seized $100 ,000 in gold bars and $480 ,000 in hidden cash from his home. Max Keiser responded to this story. Gold is the poor man's Bitcoin. It encourages thievery, war, violence, excess stupidity like Peter Schiff and Nassim Taleb, both who turned down my offer of free Bitcoin at $1 in 2011. Also in today's show, Bitcoin blast pass is 2021 all -time high in Argentina, but hyperinflation outpaces once again. We'll also be discussing Binance and CEO CZ asked the court to dismiss their SEC suit. I'll be breaking down this latest saga as well as Bybit will suspend services in the UK following the financial regulators final warning. We'll also be discussing Nick Carter doubling down on the theory the Bitcoin was invented by the NSA. We'll also be discussing major fund managers as the BlackRock ETF will drive the price to $1 .5 million per Bitcoin as it literally unlocks $30 trillion worth of capital. We'll also be taking a look at the overall crypto market, all this plus so much more in today's show. And a quick reminder, if you gain value out of today's episode, the greatest compliment you can give, simply smash in that like button as it helps out tremendously with a YouTube algorithm. And if you're not already subscribed to the channel, you know what to do to receive daily premium crypto news alerts every single day, just like this.

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