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It's all going to zero against bitcoin it's going up for ever more you're against bitcoin you're against freedom yo welcome to simp with bitcoin live we're the number one source for the peaceful bitcoin revolution we will be your guide through the separation of money and state speaking of the separation of money and state interesting news coming out of Europe kind of not as bad as the proposed bill by Elizabeth Warren that we covered on one of simply bitcoins simply bitcoin lives episode this week but it's something very similar right this idea that every single transaction needs to be KY seed right and then I think that will inevitably lead to the any host unhosted wallet needs to be KY seed all right the the wording specifically in the Elizabeth Warren bill included any minor any validator any software wallet so you know it's just of course the powers that be that tremendously benefit from having a monopoly on the creation of money having controls on money of course to benefit themselves of course they're not going to be okay with this and this was the theory that was originally you know put out back in the 90s in the book the sovereign individual I'm going to read you guys a passage from that book because I think it correctly predicted exactly the reactions from governments I don't think governments have been able to they're not used to this environment where they have competition and most importantly not only do they have competition but they can't shut down the competition right because we remember we saw Facebook try to launch their own you know digital currency and they got shut down real quick the thing with Bitcoin right and Bitcoin only right because aetherium is inherently centralized meaning it will inevitably be co -opted so they have no choice but to ally with the state and they were in order to survive but with Bitcoin can't be stopped and because it can't be stopped it creates a forcing function in the long term as more and more individuals choose to opt out of inflationary money into deflationary money so yes of course times are changing but it's not only on the money front right we're not only living through the disintermediation of money but we're also living through the disintermediation of information and yesterday was a historic day I've never seen this in my life the UK Parliament sent Russell Brand an extremely popular independent content creator a letter to rumble we love rumble by the way we're on there subscribe to us on there and shout out to our rumble audience as well it's been growing by the day so we appreciate you all they sent a letter to rumble asking rumble to demonetize Russell Brand like YouTube did so we have governments that are directly asking platforms to demonetize content creators of which they don't did they don't agree with that is absolutely absurd and these are the same governments that want you to trust them with central bank digital currencies if they had central bank digital currencies in place they wouldn't even have to ask the platforms they could just flick the switch themselves so when we say Bitcoin or slavery or how beauty on said it and I'm starting to lean this way to Bitcoin or death we are not exaggerating and you have to choose what world do you want to live in in the future and most importantly what world do you want the future generations your children your children's children to live in so it's gonna be a great episode I'm really looking forward to it you have to stay on top of what's going on anyways we also we also have a very special treat for you guys we have the head of customer experience from foundation devices the maker of the passport hardware wallet and he's gonna do a live demo for us during the culture cement segment so I'm really really pumped about that let me bring up let me bring him up on stage Bitcoin Q &A you're quite well known on Bitcoin Twitter as well how you doing buddy yeah doing very well thank you very much for having me I'm psyched to shoot the shit with you guys this evening well even in my time but yeah certainly some interesting goings on especially around the Russell brand thing so I'm sure we'll be able to share some insights on that one but not a good look yeah I completely agree man it's it's some some interesting times we are living through people some people call it the fourth turning I don't know man but the phrase that sticks with me the most is weak men create hard times hard times create strong men strong strong men create good times we're definitely going through this era and then I think it was actually Vladimir Lenin that said the very very famous quote right where there are decades that nothing happened and then there are weeks that decades happen I think we're definitely living through this moment of time anyways no more delay let's bring up my legendary co -host not optimistic today no smile oh there's this smile sorry I was caught reading the channels optimistic fields how you doing bro well I am doing wonderful and I'm actually really excited for this culture segment today guys I got a sneak peek of the demo that we're going to see and I think there's gonna be awesome this might be a simply Bitcoin first for the live show but to the news stories and stuff it really just goes to show that if you speak the truth you are the enemy of the state and I think more and more and more people are waking up to this because they either continue to de -platform you from your banks or de -platform you from social media for saying what they don't want to be said you know for saying the quiet part out loud and you know this is why we do our show in a very particular way so that we can survive on YouTube but man it really just goes to show that the powers that be are completely terrified of people talking about the truth hence why you guys need to talk about it more and continue to spread that signal but it just goes to show that this is the the last I don't know the last gasp of the great Leviathan you know what's them saying like darker before the dawn like this is their last grasping at straws to control the truth and and I mean I've been saying for a while I think the monopoly on truth is slowly and dwindling they're going to try to make examples of this so you know just be prepared we know what's coming so protect yourselves protect your family and continue to spread the Bitcoin truth the Bitcoin signal actually just truth with a capital T I suppose anyways Niko let's let's get into this one let's get into this one let's get into the show man I'm really really excited alright guys let's get to the numbers we have a lot to talk about today and I'm super is your Bitcoin in cold storage really secure is your seed phrase really secure stamp seeds do -it -yourself kit has everything you need to hammer your seed words into commercial grade titanium plates instead of just writing them on paper don't store your generational wealth on paper papers prone to water damage fire damage you want to put your generational wealth on one of the strongest metals on planet earth titanium your words are actually stamped into this metal plate with this hammer and these letter stamps and once your words are in they aren't going anywhere no risk of the plate breaking apart and pieces falling everywhere titanium stamped seeds will survive nearly triple the heat produced by a house fire they're also crush proof waterproof non -corrosive and time proof all things that paper is not allowing you to huddle your Bitcoin with peace of mind for the long haul stamp your seed on stamp seed alright guys I literally made it super easy for you guys you can scan the QR code on your screen it will take you directly to stamp seed website you can get you could store your generational wealth on titanium so you don't have to explain to your children why you lost your Bitcoin because you stored it on paper you can use promo code simply get 15 % off anything on the stamp seed website at the time of recording the Bitcoin price is twenty six thousand five hundred and seventy sats per dollar three thousand seven hundred sixty four block height eight hundred eight thousand seven hundred twenty nine blocks to having thirty one thousand two hundred seventy one having estimate April 21st 2024 total lightning network capacity four thousand eight hundred fifty five Bitcoin capacity value one hundred twenty nine million US dollars realized monetary inflation one point seven five percent the market capitalization of Bitcoin currently sitting at five hundred and seventeen billion dollars Bitcoin versus gold market cap four point zero one percent in the grand scheme of things Bitcoin is still a baby if Bitcoin reaches not if when Bitcoin reaches the gold market cap that is five hundred thousand dollars per coin and I think that's just getting started anyways we played you guys a video yesterday of a member of the United Nations talking about how we are in an information war we played you guys the video and she was basically recommending that that that they no longer have people to call on on Twitter to censor information she was also saying how there's an army of people that are propagating United Nations approved information well you know she's she's talking about as if the information that's coming out of the United Nations is a matter of fact right she's talking about the problem of disinformation disinformation well my question to you guys is who gets to decide what is disinformation and what is information right well we advocate for on simply Bitcoin is individuals not central planners not governments using their own critical thinking abilities right to dictate okay this is a good idea this is a bad idea right this is how the American this how the American Constitution it's literally written like that that there's a reason that the First Amendment is the way it is right the government or Congress should make no law you know basically censoring or stopping the freedom of the speech of people right and they made it that way for a reason because if there is a central authority if there's a government that gets to dictate what information is true what information is not true history has shown that they'll use that power to protect their own political mode right so thank God for the internet thank God for technologies like Bitcoin thank God for technologies like Noster for example they can't do this anymore and because they're not able to do that they're freaking out number one and number two and number two it becomes a forcing function over a long period of time but that doesn't stop them from trying here is the former New Zealand Prime Minister at the United Nations saying that that words are weapons of war right weapons of war if so if you say something against the government that all of a sudden becomes a weapon of war and again this has escalated it is escalated to the point where the UK Parliament has asked rumble to demonetize Russell Brand who's a very popular content creator who goes against the legacy corporate media's narratives right and it kind of embarrasses them so what are they doing they're attacking his money they're saying rumble okay they can't they've tried to deplatform people before they've gotten a lot of pushback so what they do instead is that they attack his pocketbook obviously YouTube complied they demonetize Russell Brand's content but rumble said no we're not doing that so love that of rumble we're on rumble we support rumble that's awesome but another thing that I want to say is that the allegations against rubble Russell Brand are just that they are allegations they have not been proven so something that has not been proven is a justification to shut off someone's living that is insane anyways let's check out this letter and this is a letter by part by the UK Parliament the specifically the cultural culture media and sport committee to the CEO of rumble Chris Palavoski who says dear Chris I'm writing concerning the serious allegations regarding Russell Brand in the context of of his being a content provider on rumble for more than 1 .4 million followers the cultural the culture media and sports committee is raising questions with the broadcasters and production companies who previously employed mr. brand to examine both the culture of the industry in the past and whether that culture still prevails today however we are also looking at his use of social media including on rumble where he issued his preemptive response to the accusations made against him by the Sunday Times and Channel 4 his dispatches while we recognize that rumble is not the creator of the content published published by mr. brand we are concerned that he may be able to profit from his content on the platform did you hear what they said the government is concerned that Russell Brand might be able to profit from his content because there was some allegations made against him conveniently a lot of Russell Brand's content is criticisms of the government so I mean big coincidence I guess you would you could say we would be grateful if you could confirm whether mr. brand is able to monetize his content including his videos relating to the serious accusations against him is so we would like to know whether rumble intends to join ryu tube in suspending mr. brand's ability to earn money on the platform we would also like to know what rumble is doing to ensure that creators are not able to use the platform to undermine to undermine the welfare of victims of inappropriate and potential potentially illegal behavior so they asked rumble to demonetize a content creator an independent content creator that's the key word when we had Parker Lewis on the show and I was talking about the legacy corporate media he didn't say no Nico it's not the legacy corporate media it's the legacy government media so anyways why is this happening I think Jeff Booth said this perfectly we read this to you guys the other day and this all boils down to the money this is why we say as Bitcoiners fix the money fix the world here's Jeff Booth he says because broken money Elon Musk said how did most of the legacy media go from superheroes of free speech to supervillains of speech suppression and Jeff Booth says because broken money ensures the centralization of power by stealing the productivity through inflation that should flow to society in the form of lower prices then those enriched by that theft and subsequent power must control the messaging to keep it but it all it wasn't only Jeff Booth that said this here's an article from our friends over at Bitcoin magazine of nine Bukele the president of the country shining on the hill the Savior El Salvador the first country that made Bitcoin legal tender the beachhead for the Bitcoin movement around the world he goes on to say the most vocal detractors the ones who are afraid and pressuring us to reverse our decision are the world's most powerful elites and the people who work or benefit from them they used to own everything and in a way they still do the media the banks the NGOs international organizations and almost all the governments and corporations in the world and with that of course they own the armies the loans the money supply the credit ratings the narrative the propaganda the factories of food supply they control international trade and international law but their most powerful weapon is their control of the truth and they're willing to fight lie smear destroy confiscate print and do whatever it takes to maintain and increase their control over the truth and everything and everyone I think come from Nico or simply Bitcoin that came from the president of El Salvador name Bukele so what is happening here two things are happening here thing number one the internet has empowered individuals and those individuals can now use the internet to uh to grow these massive platforms themselves and because they're individuals they're a lot harder to co -opt and at the same time we are witnessing the distance remediation of money that internet has allowed Bitcoin and Bitcoin has empowered individuals to choose their own money too so government states NGOs international institutions right that have had this privilege of having not only having the monopoly in the control over money but also the monopoly in the control over information it's quickly diminishing in front of their eyes and of course that system is fighting back they can't take that they've been used to operating in a system where they've been able to control the narrative they've been able to control the truth and that is slipping through their fingers and they don't know what to do and that's why they're short -circuiting the way they are that's why we've gotten to a point where the UK Parliament is literally asking a platform to D monetize an independent content creator not to mention all the stuff that was revealed during the Twitter files where it was exposed that the US government even though that is explicitly against the US Constitution the government should not be censoring speech was asking Twitter to D platform D boost and censor certain speech and these are the same governments that also want you to trust them with central bank digital currencies and they expect you to believe that they're not going to use central bank digital currencies as a weapon as a forcing function in order to control your actions as a individual and this was all predicted I might add in the book the sovereign individual which we'll get to during the new segment but this is some crazy times now what can you do to protect yourself in this particular situation do your own research pick what information sources you choose you you want to choose I love Twitter because it's like a news aggregator and the the news that you know pops up pops up Noster is a great platform rumbles a great platform YouTube is is good to do your own research don't rely on a single information source and then most importantly the most empowering thing you could do is to opt out of state money opt into Bitcoin I think that's the most powerful thing you could do look the most important the most important vote you can make that voting for a Democrat or Republican it's not to say that it's not important to vote but the most powerful vote that you can do that will actually change things is voting with your wallet opt out and the way that you do that is you buy Bitcoin earn Bitcoin mine Bitcoin and take that said Bitcoin into self custody the moment you do that you're part of the peaceful Bitcoin revolution whether you are aware of it or not and that is how we win if enough people take self custody we win and there's nothing they could do about it speaking of self custody we have the head of customer experience with us today Bitcoin QA and you guys make it super fucking easy to take self custody with the hardware wallet that you guys make and not to mention the awesome application that you guys make so Bitcoin QA what's your take on this whole Russell brand stuff I can't believe we've reached this point if I would have been told this five five six years ago I would have said that's impossible there's no way that's that that's so ridiculous what's your take on all this yeah before I enter you I've just got to say that was one hell of a fucking monologue I take my half to you that was fantastic yeah kudos and yeah the whole Russell brand thing man just completely shocking another example yet another example of government overreach Russell brands been a thorn in the side of the UK government if you can't tell by the action by the way to anybody's listening that I'm from the UK and he's been a thorn in their side for years and he's a very well educated man he's very well spoken and he has drawn a lot of following by speaking out against money printing against government policy he was rabid about the whole covert thing pharmaceuticals getting rich because of you know yeah you know all of the corruption that went on over those couple of years and I see this recent letter as that them seeing the opportunity as they're into trying you know get one back on him you've touched on earlier that the fact that all of these are just allegations at the moment and the fact that they're going around trying to take money off him from you know he's not been convicted of anything at all that's not see won't be but right now they're just allegations and they're trying to take his money off him it's just completely shocking and they're just trying to lash out because he's been a pain in their ass royally for years so yeah I mean they're just they're just overreaching and leveraging their powers wherever they can just to kind of deep platform and then hurt his wallet as well unfortunately yeah 100 % they attack his money they attack and again like they attack his money and they're also like hey guys these CBDCs like we'll respect your privacy you could trust us what are you talking about anyways Opti what's your take well I actually I kind of want to ask Q &A question because there is some talk about this in the chat what's your thoughts on Russell Brand being like controlled demolition Q &A whoo how do you mean like basically that this is like an orchestrated attack you know once everyone's talking about this maybe Russell Brand isn't necessarily as much of a truth speaker as people are making him out to be like does he actually believe what he's saying or is this just kind of one of those things where you know you create a figure and then you kind of tear him down to discredit the whole movement in general the whole truth movement yeah possibly I think I think most of what he says is genuine he before he started doing all of the YouTube stuff like he was he was a you know some form of a celebrity he had a big following and could have monetized himself as a product in many many other ways by coming out and being as outspoken as he has against the the prickly topics of like money printing and you know COVID etc he must have known you know he's smart enough to know that would have been incredibly divisive to people that followed him so I lean towards the fact that he's genuine and the fact that they're probably gonna try and use him as a scapegoat to warn ward off other people that kind of speak out against any government policy etc etc yeah I'd agree I mean like especially considering what his status was it's hard to follow the incentives and be like yeah he's got a lot to gain from this when in reality he's on the verge of losing everything so I'd agree with you and then just kind of going back to the beginning of this rant and and people are saying epic daily Nico Jones rant today so good job Nico I like when Nico gets get animated remember growing up guys when I grew up I had a saying and I'm sure your mother told it to you as well and we all probably said it in kindergarten you know sticks and stones but words may never hurt me and now we grow up in a world where words are violence like what is going on guys and that's a convenient it's a convenient way I know Nico I was getting there I'm asking rhetorical questions on the show now okay I'm learning some Nico Jones tactics but as we know guys as we know guys you know if you can stop words from being said then you can stop thought and if you can stop thought then you can ultimately stop behavior and this is where they're going they want to ensure that you guys sell censors so that you guys don't lose everything and this is where we are guys that they are absolutely afraid of people speaking the truth they're absolutely afraid of the average person waking up and exposing all of their lives because that's all they have they have lies and favors and they have the monopoly on truth as we think now is more important than ever to speak your minds to make sure you're having these conversations to as the saying goes you know speak truth to power and all that good stuff because there's been a constant theme throughout 2023 or actually rather since 2020 basically is that if your voice is too big and you talk against the establishment then the powers that be will do anything they can to put you back in line and whether that means you know breaking your reputation taking all your money dragging you through the court of public opinion we know what their tactics are and if you're following along closely then you know what the playbook is and it's almost like they're doing the same thing over and over and over again but I think the silver lining of this is that it seems like their playbook isn't working as well as it used to which in some sense should be absolutely terrifying because then they're going to go to even more extremes and you know I'm not gonna say what everyone's thinking but it's gonna get crazy guys and so I think it's just becoming very very clear that as an individual just even a normal person that doesn't have a platform like you want to do whatever you can in your power to protect yourself and hence why we always say that it always boils down to the money guys so protect your money protect your livelihood by taking your Bitcoin into self -custody by saving in Bitcoin and because remember guys this is always about theft they want to take your wealth and put you back in your place and then distribute it and make everyone feel good and we're seeing this happen in real time and it isn't lost on me that this is done via a letter you know it's just like hey how nefarious can a letter be but if you're reading in between the lines then you know how nefarious this letter actually is and that this is a coordinated attack on someone that's talking against the establishment and if people like Russell Brand you know say what you want about him but if people like him can't speak about the truth and they also get run through the grinder like imagine what would happen to an average individual like there's no hope for us if people of that stature can't talk about what's actually going on in the world and hence why it's so important to continue to double down on independent content creation spreading the truth talking about all this stuff because this is all we have we have the truth on our side and as the saying goes you know the truth will set us free so just just don't be afraid you know be brave but also be smart out there and the best thing you can do is just protect yourself and protect your money protect your family and I think as more people do this then the world will slowly but surely start to fix itself anyways you know amen we'll see what happens amen preach brother all right everybody let's get to the news we got a lot to talk about today let's check it out no no no no no no before we do that before we do that I have to give a shout out to our awesome sponsor Bitcoin 2024 it's gonna be the largest Bitcoin conference on planet earth 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