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Hi everyone good morning you're welcome to the refinance on his podcast once again and I'm your host the beneath the bassin I trust that the Lord is he then has been so gracious to you all right without wasting most of your time I I just wanted to share a bit of what the Lord is laying in my heart this morning with you and I'm trying to bring a corrective doctrine and let's bring a balance to this very subject because it has been it has been trending for a while and I just want us to have a proper understanding what scriptures really talked about our central text will be taken from Proverbs chapter 18 from verse 16 and it is actually talking about the wisdom in getting along with others okay so I got to understand that to actually relate properly with other people that there is a certain kind of wisdom that the Lord has the Lord expect of us yes there's something that the Lord expect of us yes there is an attitude there's a lifestyle it expects us to live so I I trust that the Lord will help us this morning in the name of Jesus so Proverbs chapter 18 from verse 16 I'm gonna read it in different translations and how the myths of God explain it I mean bit by bit so the Bible says in King James Version a man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men all right the good news Bible says that do not do you want to meet an important person is it take a gift and it will be easy that's a good news translation so let's go to the passion translation the person translation says would you like to meet a very important person is it take a generous gift it would do wonders to gain entrance into his presence you see this very scripture is bringing so much attention to what has been trending so they must gift make it room for him so a lot of people used to think it is what they call it now it is relating to someone's inherent talent someone's order calling now like let's say gifting oh I was born with a gift but the scriptures in Hebrew chapter 18 is practically talking about your relationship with other people and in verse 16 the Bible says if you want to get access you want to meet an important person if you want to be faithful by an important person now we're not talking about bribery as in Proverbs chapter 17 essentially Proverbs chapter 17 was talking about bribery no it's not bribery but this is this gift is giving you access now this talks about access to to important personalities amen so the Bible says if you want to meet an important person get a generous gift and it's going to do wonders I think that's a passion translation you're going to do a lot of wonders so I also carefully look at this in some other perspectives so the Proverbs is a simple recognition of factual generosity and politeness opens many many doors so you can just go to meet an important person for example the let me get let me get let me get that scripture straight but I want to really place so much emphasis I mean so much so much emphasis on on this very subject because I know that there has been a whole lot of misappropriation miss everything has been I mean everything has been taken in the wrong direction so Deuteronomy chapter chapter come chapter 16 verse 16 the Bible says three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the Lord thy God in the place which he shall choose in the feast of unleavened bread and in the feast of weeks and in the feast of tabernacles and they shall not appear before the Lord empty amen so this is not talking about your talent not talk about your gift this is more of your reverence your honor to a person that you you revere highly this is having to talk about your attitude your your the level at which you are not a person that this important person you're going to me so it must make it so all that can be very foolish and they go to meet an important person empty handed okay but you came with a gift you have so much access okay you have so much attention because you you have whole not this person coming to it you did not come to meet this person empty handed you came with something so a gift is more is more general than bread so here the proverb simply says that a gift can expedite matters but says nothing about bribing judges no so in Genesis chapter 43 verse 11 Jacob knew well and therefore paid his sons to take a present for the governor of the land presented a governor of the land though it were though it were both of every good thing a little so saw in first so was very very I mean King Saul was very very attentive to this very fact so his father's ass got missing and the guy said is there no man of God and the servant of which he was talking with said there is one there's one we know there's one we know and then when he went to go and see the man of God to inquire about is the loss as he did not go empty okay so it can it can it can also be an innocent courtesy of very early con that's a gift to reconcile that like a present Minha sent to the captain that was in first how much as a 20 generous at the 43 verse 11 that's King that's also please you have to take note of this very passage so that say that um you can really understand where I'm coming from and what I'm actually talking about so a lot of people misuse this very subject I mean they talk about their giftings and how talented you are and you see a lot of people start to charge before they can be a blessing to God's people they collect so much money some will be asking you how much is your honorarium budget because they believe that that the scriptures here is talking about what they have inside of them what the Lord gave to them is it freely I have given and I mean freely I've received and then free you have to give so they don't you know that very very scripture they go ahead you go ahead to scatter the the context of scripture just to suit their personal lost I think I made this I made something about this podcast episode happy some some some weeks ago about how people will go about decontextualizing the scripture just to suit their personal lost so a minister who is drawn after Mammon or who is was so much lost for money will now be selling what God gave to him freely and that he was supposed to to give out freely because God gave it to him freely so a man of God will start mechanizing the gift the giftings of God and then using the scripture to to back it up please I beg in the name of God we need to go back to our Bible studies we need to we need to check yes I know you spent so much I know you spent a whole lot to improve on yourself yes second Timothy chapter 2 I think from verse 15 apostle Paul was speaking to Timothy is a study to show yourself approved a workman and it's not patient so the Lord invested in you of course you will need to you will need to work that out you need to make him know that truly you're not wasting that which he bestowed in you amen you need to prove that okay I'm not saying that ministers of the gospel the mind of God should not be cornered of course when they are the concept I know you are still asking me to give you a million dollars you are outside the kingdom of God I'm telling you the truth now I expect to you in all honesty I tell you nothing I am NOT talking because I'm perfect I'm into the full image but I am bringing by the message how do you say part of the money to account before you come now we take the context or the lifestyle of the world to God's Kingdom yes the Lord is supposed to the Lord is supposed to sincerely yes but this is not the root the Bible says he blessed the works of your hands yes now now believe me the fact that you're doing ministry does not mean that you should not walk amen now the fact that you are you a minister of the gospel doesn't mean that you should be I don't know except and unless the Lord sends you I said oh go and do justice and if the Lord asks you to I mean give yourself totally to this cause which he has chosen you for I'm sure he's going to make provision not you make challenging and looking for ways to provide for yourself no how about some sweet little Lord is my shepherd I shall not want if you really know the God in which you are serving you should understand it now to Elijah the Bible says that the Lord commanded arabian arriving to what to feed him now I want you to understand that the Lord cannot really I mean the Lord truly sent you on an errand and then he leaves you empty it's impossible I mean it is extremely impossible like you I mean deconstructorization You are a spiritual, you should, you should, you should talk of midterm dancing.

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