A highlight from How Crypto Will Change The World


In case you missed it, Eric Voorhees delivered a fantastic keynote at the Permissionless Conference in Austin, Texas. He talks about why the rule of blockchain is better than the rule of law, gives the SEC direction for what they should do next, hint, get out of the effing way, and tells us why crypto devs should be given Nobel Prizes. I put together some of the best clips from his speech, so let's dive in. It's time to discover crypto. He starts with this. Raise your hand if you're here because you love banks. No hands. Crickets. Crickets, okay. We know why we're here. We're here because we don't like banks. Yes, okay, sure, Lambo's good, but all right, Eric, come on, let's get with it here. Raise your hand if you're here to get your eyeballs scanned by Worldcoin. All right, right there, he's talking about Worldcoin. I feel bad for the people who actually did scan their eyeball. Raise your hand if you're here to celebrate KYC or other forms of wholesale spying on innocent people. All right, raise your hand if you're here for a rebellion. All right, there's some hands. And that's ultimately true. I think there's a little bit of rebel in all of us. Cue the James Dean clip. You're tearing me apart. All right, this next clip, he's going to talk about how the ethos of crypto is similar to the ethos of a frontier America. And as I was working on this speech, I realized that the theme was going to match the name of the event, Permissionless. I love this name. It's one of the best words that captures the essence of our industry. It is radical. It is rebellious. It's non -compliant. It's American. This is America. It's American. You know, a kind of kid, but at the end of the day, he's ultimately right. We need to take back control because that would be the American ideal, and we have lost control of our money. All right, well, let's hear why Eric Voorhees says Bitcoin is interesting. Why was Bitcoin interesting? It interesting was because it was permissionless. Bitcoin invented permissionless money. And with the invention of smart contracts on Ethereum a few years later, we had all the tools we needed to build an entirely permissionless financial system. Permissionless financial system? I mean, what does that mean? Permissionless. They can't stop Bitcoin, and by they, I mean the big bankers. Bitcoin is bigger than them already, and they hate it. All right, now you might be saying, well, Deezy, isn't cash permissionless? Well, let's see what Eric has to say about that. You may say that cash is permissionless, but not if you're sending it across any distance. Try moving $10 ,000 across a border, and you will be swiftly reminded of the permissions that are imposed on you. No, cash is not even permissionless. And he brings up a great point right there. Cash isn't permissionless. We have it in our idea, oh, it's free, I can exchange freely, but like he says, jump on a plane with, he says, $10K. Imagine a million dollars. Imagine trying to move a billion dollars. With Bitcoin, that is possible. And all right, that sounds great and all, but how can it change the world? Consider that essentially all action in the economic sphere requires money. And in a world where most people struggle to put food on the table, the economic sphere is literally the arbiter of life or death for billions. And when he talks about arbiter, he means the people making decisions for you, sometimes against your own best interests. That's why I like crypto because it frees us from that. Most people don't have the luxury of working toward their passion. They work, they toil, they transact because they need to live.

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