Russia launches pre-dawn air raid on Kyiv; Moscow attacked by drones


Russia has launched a pre dawn air raid on Ukraine's capital, killing at least one person. It sent Kyiv's residents again scrambling into shelters to escape her relentless wave of daylight and nighttime bombardments before daylight the buzzing of drones can be heard above the city, followed by loud explosions. As they were taken down by air defense systems. Early information from the key of military administration says air defense forces destroyed at least 20 Shah had explosive drones in the city's airspace, its Russia's third attack on the capital in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, in Moscow, residents there have reported hearing explosions and the defense ministry says 8 drones had been fired at the city. Moscow calls it a terrorist attack by the key of regime. It said 5 drones have been shot down and the systems of three were jammed, causing them to veer off course Ukraine hasn't commented on the Moscow attack, which would be one of its deepest strikes in Russia since the invasion began. I'm Lauren Brooks

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