California's epic melting snowpack means cold, deadly torrents ahead of Memorial Day weekend


California safety officials are warning that some of the states rivers could be deadly this Memorial Day weekend. Safety officials say California rivers fed by the mass of Sierra Nevada snow pack over the winter have been turned into deadly torrents, at least 7 people have died or gone missing this spring, Justin Sylvia of the Sacramento fire department. This year we're seeing higher water. Faster water and colder water. And Sylvia says some people are taking unnecessary risks. We're seeing a lot of people not wearing life jackets. That's our big message this year is put a life jacket on. With this higher water, you can see snags out there. There's more of that from the surface that you can not see. Sylvia says Sacramento has already had 20 water rescues this year, nearly as many as all of 2022. I'm Donna water

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