Oath Keeper who stormed Capitol gets more than 8 years in prison in latest Jan. 6 sentencing


Another oath keeper who stormed the capitol has been sentenced. Jessica Watkins, of Woodstock, Ohio, received an 8 and a half year sentence on a conviction of obstruction and conspiracy to impede Congress, the transgender army veteran was one of the oath keepers who stormed the U.S. capitol in a military style stacked formation on January 6th, communicating with other helmet clad members over a channel called stop the steel J 6 on the walkie talkie app zello. Watkins tearfully apologized for her actions and condemned the violence by rioters, calling herself just another idiot running around the capitol, the sentence comes a day after oath keepers founder Stewart Rhodes received an 18 year sentence in Florida chapter leader Kelly mag was sentenced to 12 years for seditious conspiracy. U.S. district judge Amit Mehta said that while Watkins was not a top leader, she was more than just a foot soldier, telling her that your role that day was more aggressive, and at least three others charged in the riot wouldn't have been there if she hadn't recruited them. Just over 500 January 6th defendants have been sentenced with more than half receiving prison time. Jennifer King, Washington

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