DeSantis launches GOP presidential campaign in Twitter announcement plagued by glitches


Florida's Republican governors announced that he's officially a candidate for president, but the announcement didn't go exactly as planned. Republican governor Ron DeSantis launched his campaign in a special Twitter space's feed. Criticizing President Biden. He lacks vigor, flounders in the face of our nation's challenges, and he takes his cues from the woke mob. But there were technical problems that led to start and stops, audio glitches, and a delay of nearly half an hour. Desantis was asked why he chose Twitter instead of traditional media. He compared it to his COVID lockdown opposition, lamenting a lack of free expression. You had to put your money where your mouth is. Even that was marred by an audio glitch. This is rivals were rough. Donald Trump tweeted the desantis Twitter launch is a disaster. His whole campaign will be a disaster. And Nikki Haley's campaign also called it a failure. But still, desantis says they raised a $1 million in the first hour after the announcement. I'm Jackie Quinn

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