Remington, the oldest US gun maker, files for bankruptcy amid declining sales


The gun maker remington has filed for bankruptcy protection it's face dropping sales and lawsuits since the sandy hook massacre back in two thousand twelve is the area where you live a healthy one there's a new survey city of falls church virginia outside washington is number one on the top five healthiest communities list the boast strong incomes and strong outcome measures for health tim smart is an executive editor with us news and there are also among the most walkable communities so they you know they have a lot of community vitality rounding out the top five douglas county in broomfield county colorado los alamos county new mexico and dukes county massachusetts go rakoff cbs news a fresh new york state report says the average bonus paid to wall street securities industry employees was one hundred eighty four thousand dollars last year the bonus for brokers was around that amount to steve kathan cbs news this is a special now from thunder radio wm sr your latest local weather reaching the mid fifties this afternoon a high of fifty five this afternoon and the chance of rain twenty percent we fall to forty eight degrees.

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