GOP considering recount, lawsuit after Pennsylvania special election


The leisure seeker starring helen mirren and donald sutherland as a longtime married couple who decide to drop everything up their vintage rv embark on a new adventure to key west now playing wnyc independent journalism in the public interest ninety three point nine fm and am eight twenty npr news and the new york conversation from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly there's still no official winner in pennsylvania special congressional election democrat connor lamb has a six hundred twenty seven vote lead after all absentee ballots were counted republicans say they may request a recount or file a lawsuit lamb has declared victory over republican rick succumb and says he doesn't think president trump was much of a factor in the race most of the people that i've met on the actual street actual voters don't really wanna talk about the president one way or another in this campaign they want their own representative the winner will face re election in november the us navy is investigating the crash of a fighter jet preparing to land in key west florida both crew members aboard ejected but neither survived college basketball's march madness kicks into high gear today with sixteen games in the main bracket of the ncw division one men's basketball tournament here's npr's tom goldman some of the country's top teams play today including kansas villanova and duke the appeal of this tournament also means teams like radford iona and pan get their moment in the spotlight probably not for long usa today says the money of march madness includes ten billion dollars bet on the tournament two point three billion in lost workplace productivity and zero dollars paid players virginia is the tournament's top seed i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington i'm richard hake on wnyc in new york house speaker paul ryan says he's not opposed of funding a new hudson river rail tunnel despite a veto threat by president trump that's according to local lawmakers who met with ryan yesterday wnyc's washington correspondent john o'connor reports ryan's pledge clears a big hurdle for the gateway plan which had been included in the original house spending bill but new jersey republican chris noth says there's still work to do because of trump's opposition by hope that they did that says okay i may not like it as.

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