Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas to retire after 11 seasons


To extend contract tenders too long snapper taylor pepper putter jacob some linebacker joe thomas and cornerback herb waters also today jordy nelson meeting with the oakland raiders seahawks saints and patriots reported to have interests former badger stand out in brookefield native joe thomas retiring after eleven seasons as the browns left tackle the moment i was drafted you guys had my back you guys showed me what it was like to be a clevelander you guys showed me what it means to be a cleveland brown and for that i'm forever grateful cactus league play the brewers lead the white sox seven to nothing in the fourth inning as our countdown to opening day continues ryan braun to today a solo home run a grand slam minor league baseball has a bevy of place a piece of play rules in place for the start of the season check this out john they include a fifteen second pitch clock a limit on mound visits and this little nugget at all levels in the minor leagues this season extra innings will begin with a runner on second base that one right there is a big change mentally changes thing significantly does put you on the edge of your seat.

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