Banksy Mural in New York


A new round of tariffs could be announced by the white house as early as next week this time president donald trump is considering hitting imports from china the tariffs would be tied to a us investigation launched last august it'll china's failure to stop intellectual property theft the white house would invoke the rarely used section three oh one of the trade act of nineteen seventy four that authorizes the president to take all appropriate action if a foreign government violates an international trade agreement the us had a trade imbalance last year of five hundred sixty six billion dollars with china the largest source of the deficit mike rossier washington us chamber of commerce national retail federation are warning against president trump imposing such tariffs this is ap radio news i huge mural in new york city created by the british graffiti artists banksie protests the imprisonment of an artist and journalist in turkey ap's ed donahue has detail the seventy foot mural shows black tally marks representing zero dorgan's days in a turkish prison doganov is shown jail behind one set of the marks she's in prison after painting the turkish flag flying over the rubble of a destroyed town shannon galp walked by the mural get more people to recognize this woman's story in see realize they hardis or being jailed for nothing more than chinese their voice this man roger sandino claims he saw banks me and my friend on silent disclosure you can't really give you a description of him no he's a very nice person on instagram banks he wrote about dogan sentenced to nearly three years in jail for painting a single picture i'm ed donahue i'm tim maguire ap radio news easter is coming up and i can't wait to have the whole family in one place and of course what's easter without an awesome easter brunch now i don't know about your family but mine is a little picky and i really wanted to impress them with something delicious a friend told me i should check out total.

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