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The annapolis espn radio sportscenter hello there i'm mark robins so the nba playoffs began on saturday and it was good to be at home if you were the sixers rafters and defending nba champs the golden state warriors those teams with opening game victories joining them slight surprise then orleans pelicans the ninety seven ninety five victory at portland and here's a half and happy anthony davis after his thirty five points fifteen rebounds performance it means a lot monkey off the back win but now that's over with you wanna come into another one that makes them the justice and dan come out which i do the things that we kind of messed up a little bit better rebound basketball better even more on on dane so we'll start by wanamaker he'll get one in the stanley cup playoffs four clubs taken a two games to none series lead those clubs the bruins tampa bay lightning the predators of nashville doing it at home san jose pulling up the three on the road beating anaheim three two on saturday night major league baseball from saturday the mets nine game winning streak snapped by milwaukee brewers beat them five to one red sox now twelve and two after beating the orioles ten three the pirates shut out the marlins one nothing the la speak kansas city in a snow squall five to three cups over the braves fourteen ten texas houston five four that's the sunday night baseball game on espn and espn radio why monday it'll be ten days to the nfl draft plus the.

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