Bratz maker's CEO bids $890 million for Toys 'R' Us stores


The dow was up one hundred sixty points at the beginning of the day and is down about one hundred sixty as we approached the end it's at twenty four thousand three twenty one the nasdaq down forty three points sap down eleven boeing's engine troubles are a big part of the dow's loss european regulators are drawing up restrictions for flight time and distance because of reliability warnings about the rolls royce engines that power about a quarter of boeing's seven eighty seven's the billionaire behind little tykes toys is offering nine hundred million dollars for toys r us stores in the us and canada about two hundred million is coming from a gofundme campaign isaac larry and started larry and is the toymaker ceo of toymaker mj entertainment he says if toys arrest goes under the industry will suffer and shares of hasbro arising one percent since he made the offer business reports today and thirty eight past the hour i'm tracy jonky bloomberg business on wbz newsradio ten thirty right trason here from a experts from the mit media lab also ibm on cutting edge a innovations we're talking robots and cool gadgets and driverless cars this is all part of our busy breakfast mark your calendars april twentyseventh you do have to register at wbz ten thirty dot com slash breakfast but it's free the cream of the running crop descends on boston ahead of monday's marathon wbz's carl stevens headed over to the fairmont copley plaza hotel and he says one of them has local ties she's one of the world's top marathoners and all the elite runners met with the media and everyone locally wanted to hear from the pride of marblehead chalene flanagan as she talked about what it means to come back home on monday here in racing is is more like a personal event for me it's definitely more emotional than maybe some of the other mirror on just because this is where i grew up these are the people that raise me this is where i fell in love with running she said that after winning the new york marathon she feels that peace with her career and that coming back to boston is coming back full circle from the back bay carl stevens wbz newsradio ten thirty.

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