Dexter Fowler of St. Louis Cardinals ends 0-for-13 slump after 'hit' tweet


His swing coach and him just get a feel for himself and how he's swinging the club and what he needs to do the amazing thing is you'll hear from tiger woods a little bit later on this program from the marty smith podcast let's let's couple of things a marty smith is doing a great job with marty smith's america the podcast is going to be great but if you were told me when tiger was at his peak sit down with a podcast for somebody it'd be yeah i don't think so is a different tiger kinder gentler the off the course but hopefully a stone cold killer on the course until your point about fred couples i'm much she liked him said he hit a few drives that were well worth watching whether you paid for it or in the turnament like me it's really interesting to see what happens going forward with tiger and again in what is going to be maybe a defining four days hopefully in his comeback to two major championship golf well what was the old line from field of dreams if you build it they will come you go in this generation gen z were at now according to mike golic junior and his flaming right eyeball if you tweet it it will come cards outfielder dexter fowler snapped an over thirteenth slumped to start the season with a third inning single to center in their eight four win over the brewers why was that significant because fowler went to twitter to say it will happen he said i tweeted i will get a hit thirteen times in a tweet i will get ahead i will get ahead i will get ahead just just tweeted that out and after he broke through is jose ramirez from the indians and the astros josh radic posted similar tweets both players open the air with.

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