YouTube shooting: Female suspect found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound, 4 others shot


That that's a very important point because there's a difference between someone who walks into a location to specifically target one or more people because they have a dispute with that person or whether the person walks into a location motivated by some ideological goal or broader dispute against the business entity and start shooting people at random abc news with continuing coverage of the shooting incident that happened in san bruno california that's just south of san francisco is happening at the headquarters of youtube which is also a google property google has not responded just yet as far as an official statement but we did hear from the police chief of san bruno chief barberini who said one person is dead a woman believed to be the shooter of apparent self inflicted gunshot wound four others wounded that's a little bit off from what hospitals had been telling abc news at one point it seemed as many as eight people had been wounded but for sure at san francisco general hospital there are three two women one thirty two and series condition one twenty seven in fair condition one male also at san francisco general age twenty six in critical condition we'll have more on the story as it develops we're a little behind but going to get you another aaa traffic update and we'll check in with sprints arbogast and westbound i ninety approaching mid span on the bridge a stalled semi blocking the right lane seeing traffic slow from the mercer island lid in both directions of state route four ten they're blocked about twelve miles east of enumclaw crews have to remove a crane from an incident that occurred last night avoid the areas highway hey for ten will be closed for up to an hour this report is brought to you by koi cleaning and restoration get your home clean is new with quote coit cleaning and restoration is the industry's oldest and most trusted specialty cleaners using the most advanced equipment for more than sixty five years call one eight hundred four.

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