6 months after Hurricane Maria, parts of Puerto Rico continue to struggle


To ninety three percent of customers that most of that is coming from nikola generators put in place by the army corps of engineers governor ricardo rossello tells abc news getting to the rest could take tiny last mile as they call it is really the the toughest one to get to mountains and small communities that are somewhat isolated so now is when sort of the real real work begins the army corps of engineers has begun removing personnel from puerto rico and that is not sitting well with new york senator kirsten gillibrand she along with twelve senate colleagues are demanding answers well today a number of residents of the island will be in washington to rally against the fema and congressional responses meantime the next hurricane season is just three months away wins news time one thirty six russian diplomats ordered out of the uk are preparing now to return home the russian foreign ministry says the twentythree diplomats are expected to leave british territory imminently deficiencies were given a week to leave britain an order which prompted russia to retaliate with its own expulsion of exactly the same number of british diplomats these officials are likewise expected to leave moscow very soon tensions between the two countries have ratcheted higher since the march for poisoning of ex russian spy circe scruple and his daughter yulia in british city of salisbury they remain in critical condition correspondent charles de la desma reporting longtime newsday reporter and managing editor less pain has died during his career the paper paint oversaw foreign and national coverage and also wrote a column he was part of a reporting team that won a pulitzer prize in nineteen seventy four and we'll also a founding member and former president of the national association of black journalists newsday reports at paine died unexpectedly last night at his home in harlem he was seventy six thirty four degrees now cloudy skies the humidity thirty three percent windsor east at ten gusting to twenty three miles an hour thirty four going up to thirty nine winter storm warning in effect from midnight tonight through thursday morning we are looking at six to ten inches of snow tomorrow wins news time one thirty seven a special honor for one of the beatles ten ten wins.

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