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Seven nine seven eight from the city that changes the world this is cagey oh san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of k g o eighteen a cumulus station now on amazon alexa opened the cagey oh eight ten skill good afternoon to you i'm kim mcallister sitting in for nikki medoro white house president trump is focused on responding to the apparent use of chemical weapons in syria that left at least forty people dead press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says saturday's attack is consistent with president bashir assad is established pattern of chemical weapons use chemical weapons attack by syrian regime against innocent civilians is horrifying the images especially of suffering children have shocked the conscience of the entire civilized world sanders would not specifically say if the us government has determined that president assad government was behind the attack she says russia and iran also bear responsibility sixteen states with democratic attorneys general are pushing back against a texas lawsuit to invalidate former president obama's healthcare overhaul california attorney general bezerra is leading the group in filing a motion to intervene in the case sets up a battle between democratic and republican led states nineteen of which have joined the texas case filed in february apple hitting the refresh button for the iphone eight here's cagey tenths jason middleton apple is releasing a new version of the iphone eight and eight plus kind of it's a product red version something to fuel its aids advocacy initiatives the product red initiative gives a percentage of sales to the global fund to fight hiv and aids the back of the phone is read the front is black and they are the same price as existing iphone eight six hundred ninety nine dollars for the smaller model and seven hundred ninety nine for the plus the new color goes on preorder tuesday and is available in stores friday i'm jason middleton.

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