White House and Capitol Hill democrats iron out first round Border Wall deals


Spokes in articles including dorothy day for armchair theologians and the problem of wealth of christians response to a culture of affluence doctor elizabeth instant hasty on tuesday march twenty seven at spalding university thanks for listening kentucky and i'm mike gallagher i know somebody's got to listen to him now it's your turn mike is next on wgtk louisville breaking news this hour from townhall dot com i'm jeremy house authorities say the suspect in a series of bombing attacks in austin blew himself up as law enforcement closed in overnight austin police chief brian manley says so far a motive isn't clear do not understand what motivated him to do what he did and that will also be part of the continuing investigation as we try to learn more about him and to understand why he took the actions that it was a dramatic into a weeks long siege in which two people were killed and four injured in a series of blasts talks over a one point three trillion dollar government spending bill neared completion early this morning as the white house and capitol hill democrats ironed out deals on a first round of funding for president trump's us mexico border wall aides say the top four leaders of both the house and senate are slated to meet this morning to try to seal the agreement senators are expected to press homeland security secretary christian nielsen the department's efforts to secure state election systems the senate intelligence committee hearing today as part of an effort to safeguard against foreign meddling in this year's elections it's the first official day of spring but you'll have a hard time convincing east coast residents of that today meteorologist martian artisans commuters in the latest storm's path will have to be prepared for delays even philadelphia will be impacted by the morning commute new york city boston no may just be moving into new york city so for those areas there'll be more the evening commute.

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