Congress to boost opioid treatment, prevention dollars


Why news time seven seventeen time for news with rick worthington good morning look with republicans warning against it in the attorney for president trump says he's not planning on firing special counsel following rampant speculation that was growing possibility much that played over the weekend bob constantini with updates from washington last night one of president trump's personal attorneys on the russia probe ty cobb felt compelled to issue a statement that the firing of robert muller is not being considered speculation started with a statement of another trump attorney john doubt who in the wake of the firing of andrew mccabe called for an end to the muller investigation and then there were the president's own tweets attacking the muller team as well as mccabe the former deputy director of the fbi mccabe's attorney statement he would not be responding to quote each childish defamatory disgusting false tweet by the president and the president was sometimes critical of mccabe fired just two days before his planned retirement bob costantini washington in other news today president trump rolling out new plans to address the nation's opioid epidemic today in new hampshire a longawaited plan to tackle the opioid crisis puts the focus on law enforcement prevention along with a sizable educational ad campaign and improving the ability to fund treatment through the federal government the white house says for the first time seeking the death penalty against drug traffickers when appropriate which president trump has called for will be part of an official administration plan congress recently appropriated six billion dollars to combat the opioid epidemic and a senior administration official told cnn that trump's plan will lay out how the.

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