Elon Musk's $2.6 billion pay package gets Tesla shareholder approval


Need after such an event at jc matt bigler kcbs tesla's shareholders have approved an ambitious pay package for ceo elon musk by a large margin an unidentified sources the new package could net musk more than fifty billion dollars if he meets twelve stipulations including a requirement to increase the company's ma market capitalisation tenfold to six hundred and fifty billion dollars stockholders of the electric car and solar panel maker voted on the all or nothing package today in palo alto with a company is based the company makes a filing later today with the securities and exchange commission just ahead on kcbs how the weather is affecting the mud prone areas of southern california kcbs news time twelve oh eight now to check traffic around the bay it's been a messy commute into the midday georgia ask still a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are still on i expect they'll be turned off in the next hour maybe as early as the next half hour this report brought to you by lucky inns and suites where we're still looking at plenty of slow going for the ride on eight eighty in the southbound direction let's get to the chilton auto body collision cam and bob prior crash southbound before dakota road has been out of lands for some time but it must have some spectator value because the backup i'm i'm looking out behind it extends all the way back to tennyson road and the is talking about maybe running a traffic break in the same location in order to fill some potholes there the ride on one a one through marin county believe it or not still sluggish for northern marin saint vincent's marin would down the civic center then it'll open up no longer backed up on the northbound side up over the waldo grade with problems at spencer and four year ride on highway six eighty s you had northbound to the benicia bridge a little slowing at the toll plaza otherwise good solano county ride to the cordelia junction how do you win on the road you stay at la quinta inns and suites enjoy stylish lobbies and exciting room renovations book now at l q dot com your next update twelve eighteen on.

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