Trump transgender military ban: Democrats, LGBT groups are outraged, and GOP is silent


The crowd to register to vote and to continue to make a difference for change another marjory stoneman douglas high school student cameron caskey evil demand a law banning the sale of evil demand would be prohibited the sale of high capacity magazines the people demand universal background checks sandra's or beware the voters are coming elsewhere knx reporter cooper rummell is with protesters in la students have come from far and wide to join the rally i caught up with the group from santiago canyon college in orange county they pooled their resources to get transportation to downtown la we rented a bus and we all came as a group he sends they consider going to march for our lives rally closer to home but decided against the idea santa ana which isn't too far away from us we just wanted to come out to a bigger group where we felt like we'd be making more of a difference he says they hope the large crowds gathering across the country can convince those in congress to change the nation's gun laws cbs news special report i'm steve dorsey wbz news time four twenty one other news now one person is killed in a blast that put to firefighters in the hospital the middlesex da says this morning that a man this afternoon rather than a man in his fifties who was injured yesterday in an explosion at advanced vacuum systems in air has died pressure level malfunction now believed to be the cause of the blast wisconsin democratic representative mark can who is openly gay has this reaction to president trump's latest attempt to keep transgender people out of the military donald trump his try this previously most people in the military have not been supportive of this because they support people who want to serve our country honorably in many people who are transgender are doing that and have done that for this country so once again donald trump has just out of step i think trying to distract the world from the fact that he's under investigation president trump is issuing an order to ban transgenders from serving in the military except under what he calls limited circumstances wbz news time four twenty two we'll check traffic and weather together right up we have breaking news this morning to you want to know your information coming in i wanna.

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