E3 2018 News: Xbox Reveals Major Changes for Its 'Biggest Showing ...


Hey the planet still exists examines true is true well if you're interested and you loved your saiga congratulations may twentyninth market in your calendars next story xbox e three plans from microsoft revealed for the biggest show ever so over on xbox wire they made this big announcement of course inside xbox show came back last week they talked a lot about cfc's they shot a dude out of a cannon oh my god guinness world record crazy wow and they said since xbox made its first appearance at the electron entertainment expo in two thousand xbox has had a major presence at the show delivering exclusive and powerful ways let fans in what we're up to and twenty eight team will be no different in fact it will be our biggest show ever with the evolution of ethernet including fans and extended show hours we saw an opportunity to create an entirely new show experience reaching e three attendees and those following the show from afar with that in collaboration with the entertainment software association the organizes will be three we're excited to announce the xbox will be taking over the microsoft theater a perfectly situated space located in the heart of la live across the street from the los angeles convention center the microsoft eater will be home to the official e three events like the xbox three twenty eighteen briefing on june tenth at one pm pacific time various xbox fan fest activities hands on game playing demos for all three attendees and more not only does the microsoft theater allows the centralize xbox presence but it size abel's to include even more fan.

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