Kids are victims of opioid crisis too


The one thing that really needs to be done to expand the dialogue here's making that clear to these sincere and wonderful young people that look it is wrong for kids to be at risk but kids are right now at risk from gangs their risk from drugs from opioids opioids have claimed infinitely more sixty thousand people year die of opioids and when you talk about all the school shootings combined all the school shootings in the history of the country they don't come close to one year's toll of young people from opioid addiction and to try to focus on the real dangers for kids while doing whatever we can to make our schools even safer than they are that's a good thing that's the reality if we take these commonsense steps schools will be safe and if we don't take those common sense steps schools really safe maybe a little less safe but they'll still be safe as they are today let's go to your calls and to eric in tucson arizona eric you're on the michael medved show hey michael is second amendment supporter in a gun order i completely agree with everything you just said but i called about pennsylvania's eighteenth district before pointlessness third parties and then here again you bring up how the people that voted for the libertarian swayed yorkshire one way or the other but to me talking about that is like a waitress wishing that every table she waited on center at thousand dollars it's like yeah it'd be nice but it's not gonna happen real question we should be asking is what is causing these people vote libertarian not vote for.

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