West Ham 0-3 Burnley. Everything comes to a head. Hammers in deep trouble

Final Games


Okay you deadliest as 60 and that huge library of games they take that theory those names i ends the a games they've chosen adt put it is time to send you a christo before you leave tell the wonderful listeners who have listened so foul weather can find you on the internet a brand new podcast that they should be checking out on of course anything else that you have going on yeah if you go and youtube just type in japan really a yes this he he had debatable he has amassed a mass the seo for the word japan a whole if you type in a country's name face will definitely up here it's quite said if if making one hundred thirty video slavuli ceos to saturate to be honest yeah just wahid your financial liberal into each even day checking out the media is if you ingest in japan is a pretty good resource i guess off gov brought back catalogue of five years so yes give results people entrusted japan on japanese culture all of language any podcast out just style it two or three weeks ago the abroad you pam podcast which he could just find change which is type abroad of japan yeah yeah chris is being very humble but if you are interested in japan and you have questions all uaf always wanted when it would be lights moved to japan live in japan chris has your answer a he will have a video somewhere that will answer that question for you and if you're interested in general if you're interested in general chris did our our recent video about a is a small pool city that was affected by the the two whole crew of quake in the soon nami back in 2011 that was a fantastic video that christine lucky many documentary that you should definitely check out so please do google.

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