Details emerge about victims of California veteran home shooting


And about possible alternative ways to avert us tariffs on imported steel and aluminum the many hour standoff in napa valley california to veterans home and treatment center for post traumatic stress ends in an apparent murder suicide three female employees did as is the gunman yawn pill mayor john dunbar three women that were lost yesterday dedicated their lives to helping our veterans in particular since nine eleven afghanistan in iraq conflicts the wars police said the gunman was a decorated veteran who served in afghanistan he was also a former client of the center along a deadly standoff after a chases over at an apartment complex and pomona california to cop shot one dead standoff went on for over seventeen hours eventually the alleged gunman captured seen coming out of an apartment in his underwear in handcuffs he's accused of killing officer gregory casillas by firing through a door casillas was a new officers says pomona police chief michel all a very he was just about to complete field training before the incident happened governor jerry brown has released a statement offering his condolences and saying flags here in california.

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