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Yes news we get around him i'm steve dorsey as the white house prepares for the president to meet north korean leader kim jong on or learning more about the reclusive dictators visit to beijing to meet with china's president xi jinping face to face meeting is the first for kim outside of his country since becoming north korea's leader in two thousand eleven china has been north korea's best trading partner for decades but that relationship has become strained with china agreeing to us led sanctions against pyongyang in retaliation for its nuclear program china and north korea needed this meeting what's clearly happening is that kim jong un is engaging in a diplomatic flurry of meetings to make sure that he knows what everyone is doing and that he's shored up his relationship with china the white house says it was not awarded to kim's visit before it happened but that the administration is doing the trip as a positive we're going to be cautiously optimistic but we feel like things are moving in the right direction and that the meeting was a good indication that the maximum pressure campaign has been working kim has put denuclearization on the table something that seemed improbable just months ago he told the chinese press the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved if south korea and the united states respond to our efforts with goodwill angelica alvarez cbs news the white house the families have dozens of people killed in a shopping mall fire in siberia are demanding answers to.

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